What's this "Build Guild" thing all about?

  • Learn & Implement

    We understand that learning to Cosplay can be daunting; trying to find and learn all the techniques, figuring out all the tools to buy , and questioning your skills along the way.

    The Build Guild provides you with quick and easy tutorials and implementation tasks to immediately apply what you've learned by making actual pieces of armor and props.

    The Build Guild provides you with a list of what tools you should get and when to get them along your journey so that you don't have huge upfront costs.

  • Gain Confidence

    We know that wearing your first cosplay can be a little scary. It's easy to worry that you can't do your favorite character justice or that people might make fun of you. Sometimes you can feel like you don't have many friends that are as awesomely geeky as you and it can be lonely.

    Good news! The Build Guild not only teaches you the skills and gives you the confidence to create awesome looking cosplays, it is also a super positive, upbeat, and supportive community from around the World that are just as awesomely geeky as you!

    Built-in cosplay friends and the knowledge to make legit costumes that give you the confidence of ten wolves.

  • Create Magic

    We believe that everyone deserves a little bit of Magic in their life-- regardless of background or skill level.

    The Build Guild works hard to make sure that you can take a piece of your favorite fandom and forge it in reality.

    There is nothing quite like creating magic in your life, or seeing a fellow fanatic's face light up as you create a magical moment for them with your Cosplay!

Bonus Materials

Here are a few extras I am throwing in for you, to help set you up for success in becoming the Cosplayer you want to be!

  • Access to All My Patterns/Templates For Free

    I normally sell my Patterns/Templates for $15 each but because I want to provide as many opportunities as possible for you and set you up to succeed as a Member of The Build Guild, I am giving you access to all the Patterns/Templates I have made and will make, absolutely free as part of your Membership in The Build Guild!

  • Who should I Cosplay? The App

    I have had so many Cosplayers ask the question, “who should I cosplay?” Probably one of the most frequent questions asked, this question has held many people back or slowed them down from getting started and jumping in. So, we have created an App that helps you answer that question and get Un-stuck. The app will help you find a character to Cosplay that you like, that you love the costume of, and that has qualities you want to emulate. The app is in its final stages and will be made available to Build Guild Members for Free with your Membership!

  • Bonus Course - Pipesmithing

    A mini-course to help you expand your materials capabilities and learn how to use PVC pipe in your props and costumes in ways you never imagined. This is great for making sturdy props that are con-friendly! :) This bonus course will be made available a couple months into the membership!

Meet The Maker

  • Skyler Ostler

    The Cosplay Apprentice

    Skyler Ostler

    I believe that Cosplay is more than just an extra excuse to dress up outside Halloween but that Cosplay is an art form, a form of expression, it's making something magical, and it's about taking a piece of a far off universe home with us. As the Cosplay Apprentice I am dedicated to sharing everything I know about Cosplay to help others discover how magical it can be to make your favorite character or prop come to life in the real world. My goal is to empower you forge your favorite fandom in reality!