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How to Make Han Solo Blaster (Course & Template)

taught by Skyler Ostler
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Skyler Ostler
Skyler Ostler
The Cosplay Apprentice

About the instructor

I believe that Cosplay is more than just an extra excuse to dress up outside Halloween but that Cosplay is an art form, a form of expression, it's making something magical, and it's about taking a piece of a far off universe home with us. As the Cosplay Apprentice I am dedicated to sharing everything I know about Cosplay to help others discover how magical it can be to make your favorite character or prop come to life in the real world. My goal is to empower you forge your favorite fandom in reality!

In this apprenticeship I teach you how to make Han Solo's hero blaster from Star Wars: A New Hope and others in the series. Han Solo is a favorite of many and to pay Han tribute in light of his recent passing, you can carry on his legacy as a scoundrel, a ruffian, and a scruffy looking nerf herder by making your very own replica blaster and Cosplaying as the great Han Solo at your next Comic Con or Costume party! If you are going to be taking it to a con you will want to create an orange colored plug for the flash hider! :)

This build is made of easy to obtain plastics like PVC, Polly Plastics, and an inexpensive Airsoft Gun. Overall cost with the template price included, you can make this Blaster for under $20 in materials cost. It is made of Comic-Con friendly materials . So no matter whether your Han Solo cosplay will be for a Convention, to watch the Star Wars Ep. 7 for the 10th time, or for filming a fan film this Blaster build will hold up to the closest of scrutiny and will blow Hasbro toys and black series editions out of space like a death star or star killer.

The materials are easy to work with, takes minimal tools, and can be done in your apartment or a small space as you can see in the video :) You don't need a lathe or other large woodshop or metal working tools to build and it is stronger and more water resistant than paper, cardboard, wood, or other materials.

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