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How to Make Star Lord's Sony Walkman (Course & Template)

taught by Skyler Ostler
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Skyler Ostler
Skyler Ostler
The Cosplay Apprentice

About the instructor

I believe that Cosplay is more than just an extra excuse to dress up outside Halloween but that Cosplay is an art form, a form of expression, it's making something magical, and it's about taking a piece of a far off universe home with us. As the Cosplay Apprentice I am dedicated to sharing everything I know about Cosplay to help others discover how magical it can be to make your favorite character or prop come to life in the real world. My goal is to empower you forge your favorite fandom in reality!

In this apprenticeship I teach you how to make Star Lord's Walkman from the Big Box Office hit movies Guardians of the Galaxy and Infinity Wars!  No need to have crazy art skills a large workshop or expensive materials to make this one.  I've done the work and created a Pattern/Template that makes this build super easy with a guaranteed good looking result.  And all you need to make it is some inexpensive Sintra or other smooth sturdy material, an exacto knife and some super glue!

Above is a sample of the quality of the pattern/template.  I have done all the legwork in getting the right proportions and getting the look just perfect so that you can spend less time with the boring stuff and more time being Star Lord! :)

Also along with the pattern/template you will get basically an entire course, with Q&A access to me as well as the tutorial video all in one place!

There are 2 versions of the template included in this course, one is a little larger and can fit your phone into it, the other is a close to a 1:1 scale of an actual Sony Walkman! Both of them include a high level of detail!

Above is a picture of the Final Product made using this exact pattern/template and course!

If you are feeling like you don't have the skills, the know how, or are unsure if you can make this, even with a pattern or template.  Have no fear!

Not only does the course come with a pattern that makes this build super easy, it also comes with a tutorial video that walks you through each step, and a Q&A chat feature that gives you direct access to ask me any questions about any problem or hurdle you may come up against in the build process! :)

And if all that isn't enough, I'll do you one better.  I also provide you with a 90 Money-back guarantee so that you have roughly 3 months to complete your project using the course and template and if you are not excited about how it turned out you can request a full refund!

So what are you waiting for, hit that Buy button and I'll see you on the other side!

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